Safe Your Computer From Virus and Healthy Like after a Fresh Installation

Millions of virus and malwares are being produced each day. Every one who use computer knows about computer virus. Many of them know what virus can actually do with their PC, How vulnerable their infected computer is. But very few people of them know how to get out of this viral infected computer world.
You may think that having good anti-virus software is enough to be safe from virus. But that's the big mistake people are doing. Your computer anti-virus software must be kept up to date with latest virus definition. Although it can remove virus from your computer, it can not recover system files deleted or damaged by previous virus infection.

To make your PC working fast, and fresh like a first installation, you should follow the below guidelines.
  1. Start from fresh formatting. Format your computer, Install your operating system and hardware drivers.
  2. Before installing any other application, Get the latest version of anti-virus software of your choice and install it, update it on-line of offline.
  3. Before installing and updating your anti-virus software, avoid using your other drives or data stored on other drives. They may contain virus infection. After installing and updating anti-virus, run full system scan.
  4. Configure your anti-virus software for auto update from Internet. If you don't have Internet connection, keep updating it offline at least once a week.
  5. Now you may install your rest of the of the applications.

Keep in mind below guidelines in day to day use of your computer.
  • Avoid double click on removable storage to open it. Use right click and open option instead.
  • Avoid opening software and executable files came from untrusted source without scanning it with your anti-virus software.
  • If possible, disable function of auto run on removable storage devices.